Did The Mets Invent The Rally Cap?

[RBI Magazine] – The rally cap has been a baseball tradition for years serving as a good luck icon for the losing team during a baseball game. You can find such a cap at Little League games, high school games, and at all levels of professional baseball. If you do not know what a rally cap is, hopefully, you are not a baseball fan. If you are a baseball fan and you still do not have a clue-shame on you! The definition basically sums it up. According to Everything.com, the rally cap is defined as a cap worn inside out and backwards in support of a team who is losing a game by a few runs. What a ridiculous concept right? Wrong! Any baseball fan will argue that the rally cap is effective most of the time and if you disagree you may have to put your lawyer skills to use.

So where did the idea originate? The great year of 1986. The Mets were playing the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. The Mets were trailing the Sox in game six, already down 3 games to 2 in the series. In the 7th inning for some unknown reason the entire Mets dugout turned their hats inside out and backwards in support of a rally. Soon the fans caught on also turning their hats inside out and backwards. Then the amazing happened. The Mets began to score run-after-run eventually winning the game and forcing the 1986 World Series to a game 7. The Mets rally continued, blowing the Red Sox away in game 7 and winning the World Series that year. Since then, the rally cap has been a baseball tradition and continues to be used as a late game secret weapon.

The Mets could have used a rally cap this weekend as they fell two games short of the National League East Championship and one game short of the National League Wild Card heading into the final game of the season. They were eventually eliminated from playoff contention as they lost their final game to the Florida Marlins 4-2. Not a single rally cap was spotted in the Mets dugout during the game, but rally caps were a common sight in the stands late in the game.


  1. Jim Bob says

    Actually, wikipedia tells the whole story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rally_cap. Mets fans started wearing the rally cap during the ’85 season at Shea, when they had a pretty good year. In ’86 the tradition was still going and got national attention in the World Series.

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