8 Reasons Why The Red Sox Are Failing In The ALCS

The Boston Red Sox have returned from 3-1 deficits in the playoffs 3 times in their team history. Now down 3-1 to the Rays in 2008, the Red Sox will have to make a few major adjustments to have any hopes of advancing once again. Here are 8 reasons why the Red Sox are failing in this year’s ALCS.

1. The Red Sox have surrendered 31 runs in the last 3 postseason games. Blame the pitching if you must, but the other areas of the defense have also tipped the bucket this postseason.

2. They can’t pitch! Pitching has allowed 14 combined runs in the first three innings of the last three games. Enough said.

3. The only thing the Boston bullpen can produce is runs for the Rays. Time after time the Rays are simply crushing the ball no matter who Boston sends to the mound.

4. Oh no! Papi left his bat at home. Big Papi is 1-14 against the Rays, and in the process he has left 10 runners on base. You can’t blame David Ortiz for everything, or can you? When his bat does not hit statistics show that the Red Sox will struggle to win games. The ignition for the Sox offense is “spuddering”.

5. Everyone is focused on Ortiz not crushing the ball. Baseball is a game of failure and instead of dwelling on one individual player the Boston Red Sox need to step up and deliver when David is not. Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies lead his team from the top of the lineup all season until the playoffs. As soon as Rollins began to slump Shane Victorino picked up the slack leading the league in postseason RBI’s. In other words, Boston needs a Victorino, someone who can ignite the offense.

6. Manny Ramirez is playing for the Dodgers! Ouch! Sorry Red Sox fans, I just had to bring it up. Mlb.com is reporting that since the “Manny Trade” Ortiz batted .262 in 49 games, with nine homers and 42 RBIs. These stats are not particularly terrible, but they are way under the bar in respect to Big Papi standards. In 2007, Ortiz finished the year with 117 RBI and a batting average of .332-incomparable to his average of .264 in 2008.

7. Last year’s World Series MVP, third baseman Mike Lowell is on the bench with a hip operation pending. In the regular season Lowell had 419 plate appearances, 17 home runs and 73 RBIs. His presence is definitely missed in the 6th spot.

8. Wakefield’s knuckleball is not working! Heading into game 4, Wakefield had an ERA of 5.87. When a knuckleball pitcher’s most deadly weapon is not deadly anymore, one side of the score board will rise just like gas prices do when a thunderstorm hits Florida.

The Rays have proven themselves fearless with nothing to lose throughout the entire playoffs, hitting the ball hard in every at bat. However, these failures mentioned above do not necessarily mean Boston can not adjust. As history tells us, THEY”VE BEEN HERE BEFORE!! Rallying from a 3-1 deficit seems to be always in reach especially for the Boston Red Sox. Anything is possible in October and I think Boston fans will be glad to see Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound as we head into game 5 Thursday night.


  1. says

    Concerning point # 6, don’t forget about Ortiz’s bad knee(s) and the wrist problem that has hampered him this season. Those 2008 numbers are partially due to those factors as well.

    Other than that, you’re right on the mark!

  2. Bruce says

    There are 2 reasons why Boston isn’t winning. Pitching and Hitting. Their defense has been adequate and no they don’t have Manny, but I do believe Jason Bay has been doing pretty good for himself. Better than Manny while unhappy in Boston. Bostons starters have given up a startling number of homeruns, let alone hits and that is why they are behind.

  3. says

    Phillies are gonna phight phor thier phirst world series since 1980’s and are shown the way to the WORLD SERIES! LETS GO BABY!

  4. tom says

    Boston came back from 3-0 to beat the yanks last year?? where are you getting this information from? The Indians beat the Yankees in the ALDS and the Red Sox came back from 3-1 in the CS.

  5. matt says

    #1 – Yes the pitching has been bad, but their defense has been great and has been all season. Youk has made great heads up plays. Coco and Ellsbury are like lightning in the outfield. Dustin Pedroia has great range, and Mark Kotsay plays 1st base like an outfielder with infield flys. Their defense has probably saved runs, that’s how bad the pitching has been.

  6. Jackie says

    Has anyone considered that the Rays are finally coming into their own?? I know we have been the laughing stock of baseball for the past couple of years, but the Rays are finally finding solid footing on the baseball field. We have an amazing couple of players who just really enjoy playing the game. Isn’t that what is all about anyways?You can see it when they play. They are having fun.
    So stop the pity party over the Red Soxs, let the Rays enjoy their post season.

    Go Rays!!

  7. kozefx says

    All valid points.

    But concerning #6: The way Manny stopped playing before his trade, if he were still with the Sox, they would not be in the playoffs to begin with. So without Manny, at least the Sox are in the post-season.

  8. Jeff says

    What? The Sox made the playoffs by 6 games. Ramirez would have to have been actively throwing games in order to cost them 6 games in the standings from the time of the trade on. And lest this stupidity continue to reign supreme, Manny had a 128 OPS+ (BBref park factors are still not complete for 2008). At the worst estimation of his defense, -40 runs for the season, you could have him at around -25 to the point of the trade. And so at very worst, in the worst light, Manny could have been called an average player. He’d have to be leaps and bounds the worst player in history to cost them 6 games from the time of the trade to the end of the season.

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