Yankees Spent $423 Million In December

The New York Yankees have gone “all out” this holiday season possibly placing the best players on the free agent market under the tree for the city of New York and all of those Yankees fans around the country.

Spending 423 million bucks on a few gifts is definitely a rarity these days, but the Yankees have all the confidence in the world on their recent holiday investments that include CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett.

What could you possibly buy with $400MM?  Apparently, it is possible to buy yourself a house on the moon, or even 400 billion 99 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds. You could even buy three of the best players in baseball and add them to your roster in hopes of winning a World Series-just like the Yankees have done.

The Yankees have always been infamous for smashing the piggy bank, but with their recent $400MM in transactions the team will actually have saved money even after paying their so-called “luxury tax”.

Losing players like Jason Giambi, Mike Mussina, Bobby Abreu, and Andy Pettitte all were responsible for freeing up most of the Yankees’ salary cap this offseason and reducing the payroll numbers below 2008 totals. The Yanks have successfully saved a dime in 2009! This is one spending spree we may never forget!


  1. Joe Lauria says

    The Yankees have not spent a dime in December. All the reporting on this is wrong. They have made a commitment to spend 423 million of the length of three contracts, for as long as eight years. The first payment they will make is a 9 million dollar signing bonus to Sabathia. All this reporting about how much the Yankes have “spent” this off season is just plain wrong and misleading. Right now the payroll will actually go down from 2008. In addition, it is always misreported that the Yankees have more resources than any other team. Wrong. Some teams, like the Cubs and previously the Dodgers and Braves, are owned by big corporations with much more money than the Steinbrenners. They just choose to invest less in their teams than the Stenibrenners do.

  2. Ribbie3b says

    “Right now the payroll will actually go down from 2008″ if you would read the entire article instead of just the title maybe you would understand.

  3. Joe Lauria says

    I did read the entire article and you mention “spending” more than once in the body of the piece. If they spent all this money how could the payroll go down this year? It will go down because they have only made a “commitment” to spend and haven’t spent it yet.
    To say the Yankees spent so much this winter only adds to the myth that the Yankees have more money than any team. There are other teams that are richer.

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