Ken Griffey Jr. Confirmed To Be Braves Prime Target

There have been plenty of players in the MLB over the last decade with just amazing swings that every kid in the country tries to mimic and perfect as they dream of playing under the lights of their favorite ballpark.

There is Albert Pujols in St. Louis who has a sweet smooth swing that looks at times like he doesn’t even feel the baseball when he blasts it into the stands. Then there is Manny Ramirez who always finds a way to take the ball yard with his pretty swing. Ryan Howard is another slugger that has amazing bat speed and loves to hit the long ball. griff

All these guys are awesome players with sweet swings, but none of them come close to the beauty of Ken Griffey Jr’s swing!

When I was a kid growing up in California I absolutely loved the Los Angeles Dodgers and Daryl Strawberry. The Straw had the swing I always wanted with his patent left lift before his powerful swing, but the second I saw Ken Griffey Jr. swing a bat I was hooked.

Over the last five years or so Ken Griffey Jr has taken somewhat of a back seat to the great up and coming hitters in the MLB like Pujols, Howard, and Manny (even though he has been in the league forever). The reason Griffey taking a step back wasn’t due to lack production, but because he just couldn’t stay healthy with injury after injury.

When Griffey actually had some significant playing time he made the best of it, but it wasn’t enough to get back into the spotlight as he couldn’t help the Cincinnati Reds to successful seasons.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel for Griffey when he was moved to a contender in the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately, the Sox didn’t end going anywhere and unfortunately had no intentions in keeping him on in 2009.

Recently the Seattle Mariners reached out to their former superstar outfielder and started up talks with the former golden glover playing in Seattle to finish out his career. The Mariners have only really had a couple successful seasons after Griffey left, but they have never gotten back to where they were with him playing centerfield.

Although it seemed to be a done deal for Griffey to return to Seattle, the Atlanta Braves have made a late push to sign the slugger and lure him away from his former team.

Fortunately for the Braves, Griffey will probably lean toward playing in Atlanta due to his close relationship with Bobby Cox, the desire he has had in the past to play with the Braves and the fact that he lives in Orlando which is a much shorter trip than it would be to go back and forth from Seattle.

With the Braves recent additions like Derek Lowe and their pursuit of Tom Glavine, the Braves would give Griffey a much better chance of making a run at a World Series.


  1. bbfan says

    I saw Jr. hit his first homerun when he was playing for the Bellingham Mariners Single A team. You could see that he could become one of the greats. Even in his early years in Seattle there were stories about him not taking off season training seriously. That in its self is why I think he never became a great player.

  2. jl says


    I think he is a good player and have continued to follow his efforts and root for him, and I’m glad to see a piece putting into perspective that we should pay attention to where he goes and what he does. I’m still hopeful he can be a good asset to his next team. I just have to temper this by keeping in mind that he was at times an asset and at times not so much of an asset to his teams since he left Seattle.

    I wish that he had learned the skill (if there is such a thing) of staying injury-free.

  3. Ribbie3b says

    injuries have been Griffey’s worst opponent over the years…imagine what could have happened if he stayed injury free…his already fantastic career could have shatter records of all dimensions….

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