Manny Deal With The Dodgers In The Bag

The Washington Nationals announced that they have signed Adam Dunn to a 2 year deal today. Also announced was the signing of Bobby Abreu by the Angels to a 1 year deal. Wow! What does that mean for the Dodgers?

manny2Adam Dunn was speculated, with good cause, to be the top target for the Dodgers after Manny Ramirez, and Bobby Abreu were believed to be third in line on the wish list. So if the Dodgers did not sign Manny Ramirez to a deal they would go after Dunn, and if they could not sign Dunn, they would then go after Abreu and Dunn have already signed and the Dodgers still do not have Manny signed to a deal! Oh my, that really throws a wrench in the Dodgers plans. Or does it? Boras will really have a lot of ammo to force the Dodgers to give up the dollars and the years. Or does it?

I am going to call it here right now. Manny Ramirez has already signed a deal with the Dodgers! Yes, I said it.
I have to believe that the only reason that Abreu AND Dunn have both been able to sign, and on the same day mind you, is because they are no longer blocked by Manny Ramirez. I am also guessing that the Dodgers are not dumb enough to allow them both to sign if they did not already have Manny signed. That being said, my educated guess is that the Dodgers have already signed Manny but have yet to announce anything.

This is the only scenario that makes any sense to me. Dunn had been courted by the Nationals for a while now and everyone knows that Bowden loves Dunn, he drafted originally with the Reds. So the Nats have been courting Dunn all off season. But Dunn has been holding out for the Dodgers. He made it very clear that he favored the Dodgers over the Nationals.

Now I have not heard much about Abreu’s desire to play anywhere but it is actually a really good fit for him with the Angels, it totally makes sense. But for both of the obvious backup plans for the Dodgers to be off the table all of a sudden, on the same day? Something smelled odd about that.

Well, so what do you have to say about that? I want to know who disagrees or agrees and why. Only time will tell though.


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    lester, that is an interesting twist you just put on things that I have not come across yet. It makes total sense that Boras would try to pull something like the Weaver signing into the picture since he is losing so much face on the Ramirez dealings!!!

    I like your style. Great point.

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    After seeing Frank McCourt interviewed on MLB network yesterday, I really had the feeling that the Manny deal was complete. I believe they will announce it this Friday the 13th, which is the 5 year anniversary of the McCourt’s ownership.

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    Tony, good call on that anniversary thing. Makes sense since the McCourt’s seem pretty full of themselves. And I LOVE your blog, great writing and humorous in often disturbing and complicated ways! :-)

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